werner's specialty foods
5736 Johnson drive
mission, KS 66202
Fax 913-362-0085
Please join us every
Tuesday through Saturday!

Tuesday: Cheddar Bier Brats, 11am to 1 pm
Wednesday: Smoked Polish Sausage, 11am to 1pm
Thursday: Werner's Choice, 11am to 1pm
Friday: Andouille, 11am to 1pm
Saturday: Brats, Knockwurst, Smoked Polish, Cheddar
Bier Brats, Andouille, and Italian, 11am to 2:30pm!!!

***Stop by Thursday,
24th, for the
Firecracker Italian!!!***
Did you know that Werner's offers gift
cards in all denominations??? Grab
one today for your office pals today!