Special Schnitzel...Our signature sandwich- a must for the first time customer... Made with
fresh pork tenderloin, tenderized, breaded and fried each morning...

Reuben...Made with our very own corned beef, loaded with sauerkraut and spicy
mustard...that's our signature sauce you know!

Werner's U-Boat...Old fashioned lunch meats including Bologna, Old Fashioned Loaf,
Chopped Ham, and Cotto Salami, topped with both American and Swiss cheese on a fresh
hoagie bun.

Smoked Turkey...Hickory smoked turkey breast made in house.

Corned Beef...Dave's recipe, sliced thin and stacked high.

Roast Beef...lean beef made in small batches so there's no question about freshness or flavor...

Dave's Liverwurst...This is our very own liverwurst made with pork livers, onions and
spices. Just the good stuff.  Served on rye with mayo or spicy mustard and onions, just the
way mom used to make!
Specialty Sandwiches

We've also got the basics...that are anything but

BBQ Beef
BBQ Combo...that's ham and beef...
Turkey Ruben
Ham & Cheese
Pastrami & Cheese
Salami & Cheese
Pepperoni & Cheese... do you see a trend here?
Egg Salad

Baby Swiss
Big Eye Swiss
Hot Pepper Cheese
Colby Longhorn
Smoked Gruyere
Hoffman's Super Sharp Cheddar
Hoffman's Smoked Cheddar
House American
House Swiss
Also in stock:
New York Herkimer White Cheddar
BondOst Cheese, with or w/o
Caraway seeds


White, Wheat, Light Rye, Pumpernickel, Onion
Bun, Sesame Bun, or Hoagie Roll
In a rush? Need more than one? Fax us your
order before 10 am and we'll have them ready
for you by lunch time.  Can't pick them up?
We can deliver...

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German Lunch meats:
Alpine Sausage
: light, fresh sausage made with seeds and veggies
Bierwurst: a flavorful luncheon meat with lots of spices including mustard seed
Blood Sausage or Blood & Tongue
German Bologna
: milder than American bologna
Gelbwurst: very mild sausage, typically given to the children that visit the butcher shops
in Germany
Jagdwurst: a flavorful luncheon meat with the consistency of chopped ham
Krackauer: a lightly smoked course-grind lunch meat
Leberkase: like a German meatloaf made with pork, onions, and spices
Mortadella: like a bologna with pickle
Mushroom Delight: a veal bologna with mushrooms throughout
Schinkenwurst: a veal bologna with pieces of ham mixed throughout
Gelbwurst with Parsley: a variation of the classic, still very mild
Add some Potato Salad or Baked Beans to your lunch:

Half Pint......$1.99