English Bangers....A very mild English sausage made with
pork and bread crumbs.  Mild on flavor but big on fun; these
sausages "pop" open when grilled or steamed!

Beer Suggestion: Try a Stout like Guinness!

Chorizo....A traditional Mexican sausage made with a chili
powder spice.  Perfect on the grill or scrambled with eggs for

Breakfast sausage....This coarse grind pork sausage goes
easy on the sage and big on the flavor.  It has just enough heat
to wake you up in the morning and make your breakfast great!
Available in bulk or in links.

Desros (Lithuanian Sausage)...This coarse grind pork sausage
has lots of onions! It is great grilled, mixed into casserole, or
fried in a skillet for breakfast.

Beer Suggestion: Try a icy Pale Ale